Exercise STINKS!!!!

I don’t feel like working out! Ugh!
One of my biggest problems is getting myself back into the swing of things after taking time off from watching my calories or exercising.
The other day, I put on my workout clothes I was so tired after just getting my workout pants on, I literally said out loud, “Did that count as my workout?”  Granted, it was early in the morning and times have been pretty stressful around my house lately.  So, I realized instead of setting my goals too high, I need to keep them low and attainable. If not, I know myself well enough, I am liable to burn out.
Maybe you are the same way.
I remember a friend of mine told me that his goal was just to make it to the door of the gym 3 times a week. He gave himself permission to show up at the gym, touch the door, turn around, get back in his car and leave if he didn’t feel up to it.  But at least this way, he had a higher chance of
So, how do we go about setting our goals low enough? Here are a couple of possibilities:
*commit to getting on your workout clothes each day. (Even if you take them right back off.)
*commit to pushing play on a workout dvd each day. (You don’t even have to do the work out)
*commit to drinking one protein shake a day.
*commit to walking around your neighborhood each day or even just walking out the front door with your
  workout clothes on.
*commit to showing up at the gym each day.
Chances are, once you are in motion, you might decide to follow through and get some exercise in or take a small step towards the new you. If not, it’s ok. There is always the next time. Just take the pressure off.

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