Dubli Network Review

DubLi Network: An Objective Analysis Of The Pros And Cons

DubLi Network has been making a lot of noise lately. A lot is being said and written about the DubLi Network. Some are convinced of the DubLi scam and some tend to believe a positive DubLi review. Instead of delving into what people within and outside the network and those who have had good and bad experiences have to say, let us look at DubLi Network objectively. Nothing trumps facts and reality checks. Here is a pragmatic and objective analysis of the pros and cons of the network.

What Works

The concept is simple and rewarding. DubLi Network says that whenever you buy something online and you have the DubLi toolbar installed, you would get a cash-back on the purchase you make. The cash-back can be as nominal as 1% or 2% if you are an entry level member (read free member who just has the toolbar). The cash-back can be as high as 7% if you are a paid member (the fees range anywhere from a couple hundred to more than three thousand bucks).

Consider all the purchases you make in a year, from consumer electronics to travel, books to gifts. You can buy all these from reputed brands at popular ecommerce stores and get a cash-back. The math is simple. If you make purchases worth $10,000, then you can get a cash-back of anywhere from $200 to $1,000 and potentially more, depending on your membership. That is a fascinating saving. If you make purchases worth much more, then you can save more than what your monthly mortgage payment might be.

DubLi Network also works as a multilevel marketing program. You can recruit associates or build a network and everyone you recruit or sign up in your personal network would earn you a commission. You get a cut from their cash-backs and you also get commissions when those members sign up more members. It is the old concept of multilevel marketing businesses.

There are some finer advantages such as being able to get the cash-back in a prepaid credit card or getting direct bank transfer to have the cash at your disposal.

What Doesn’t Work

The MLM program charges $99 to get started which is the bare minimum. Some people may not want to invest that. The cash-backs at the free membership levels are not that rewarding. The gateway used by DubLi Network, which is Payoneer, charges hidden fees on transfers of cash to the bank or debit card.

Being an MLM business, it has all the challenges of developing a network. Some people may not even manage to get more than two signups in their network. That would limit the scope of earning.


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