Kannaway Review

Is Kannaway a Scam? | This Honest Review Tells All

Kannaway Products: Are They Worth Selling?

You may have come across Kannaway reviews, some of which tend to promote Kannaway products and some may lead you to believe in the Kannaway scam. To put things into perspective, you would have to understand what Kannaway products are and what the program tends to offer you in exchange of your buying, endorsement or selling.

KannaWay LLC is owned by General Hemp LLC. The Kannaway products are supplied by HempMedsPX LLC which is again a subsidiary firm of Medical Marijuana INC. Basically you get to sell e-cig or vaping products. You can buy them yourself, sell them to others directly or you get to create your own network and become a mini distributor of Kannaway products.

KannaWay Scam: Reality Or Misconception?

Have you ever come across a person disgruntled with Samsung? Have you ever heard a person claim that he did not get paid for a job on a certain freelancing website or that the website is a sham and one doesn’t actually get any work?

If you have, then does it imply that Samsung is a bad company or the freelancing website in context is a scam? Most people consider something to be a scam if it doesn’t work out for them. That is not to say everything in the world is legit or credible. With most multilevel marketing programs or business concepts like the Kannaway products, some people understand the domain and excel while many misunderstand the premise and fail. The latter cries foul.

Pros Of Kannaway Products

You can buy your own Kannaway products and earn the commissions which will save you money. You can sell directly to your friends and relatives or colleagues and you can earn the commissions. There is a provision of getting three customers of Kannaway products purchasing of a certain value and yours is free. You can also build a network and earn anywhere from 5% to 50% of commissions on the purchases made by people in your expansive network. Then there are bonuses which can increase your income exponentially.

The company also provides you with all the tools, resources and backend support to succeed in the business.

Cons Of Kannaway Products

If you want to earn a lot of money with this program, then you really need to find a way to stick around for a long time. That cannot happen if you only manage to sign up people you know. Unless you create a substantial network, you can just make your own purchases and make a tiny sum of money in commissions, which would be inconsequential.

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