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Can He Really Help You Achieve your Goals?

Who Is Max Shank & What Is His Secret To Ultimate Athleticism?

Max Shank, developer and promoter of Ultimate Athleticism, is an athlete, weightlifter, gymnast and martial arts enthusiast. Max Shank is also the founder of Ambition Athletics which is more of a training facility than a traditional gym.

Max Shank has a physique to be envied. His fitness levels are certainly beyond the outreach of ordinary folks. His core muscles pack in more strength than the bulges of traditional weightlifters. At the same time, Max is agile enough to participate in martial arts and gymnastics. Now that is what ultimate athleticism is and that is what people should aspire for.

Butwhat many don’t know is that he was not always the super-fit athletic man that he is today. At the cusp of adulthood, he was a non-athlete, someone who couldn’t touch his toes and certainly could not do a pull up. By his own admission, Max invested more than a decade doing everything that any aspiring athlete or bodybuilder would. He went through all the conventional rigors of gyms and adhered to all customs that have been hailed as the Holy Grail to bodybuilding and fitness. While the conventions did get him started, they did not help Max to achieve what he has attained eventually.

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Ambition Athletics and Ultimate Athleticism review clearly indicate that Max has certainly come up with a way to fitness that is unparallel. It is interesting, satiating and one would certainly know what they are signing up for or doing. Ultimate Athleticism is not about mundanely going about the reps and rigors in a normal gym. Nor does it require one to invest hours of training to get the strength, agility and body that they want. That is where Max Shank carves out a niche for his strategies.

Max Shank has a few unique ways to train you. His ‘ring muscle up’ exercise, his running routines which are categorized as super short, medium, long, hill sprints and shuttle runs, and his fun ways to include various kinds of strength training, power lifting and endurance exercises form a holistic and satiating way to fitness.

Those who have vested interests in specific fitness modules and forms of training might vilify the programs as Max Shank scam but if the results attained by Max Shank, his Ambition Athletics and Ultimate Athleticism are checked out then all contrarian voices may see pragmatism.

Max Shank is on Twitter (@MaxShank), he writes on T Nation ( and he can be reached at or

max shank ultimate athleticism review

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