The Truth About Pure Natural Healing: Warning and Advocacy

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A Fresh Look at the Pure Natural Healing Program: Can it work for you?

Kevin Richardson and Master Lim claim to be of help you no matter what condition you were dealing with with their highly acclaimed program called Pure Natural Healing, which uses Meridian Therapy to alleviate medical conditions. Specifically some of the conditions that you may experience are migraines cancer, Cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and more.


This is what we discovered in our research on Pure Natural Healing’s Acupressure Meridian Therapy:

Chinese Meridian Therapy

You may be considering the wherewithal of Acupressure and whether there is any scientific evidence supporting the use of such procedures to alleviate any medical condition.

Tons of medical conditions leave us looking for something that works. We all end up in situations where we hate the medications we are on and are looking for some alternatives, so with that in mind, can Pure Natural Healing work for you?

….Especially if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t afford medical insurance. The bills that you collect could clearly bankrupt you if you were facing a serious condition.

The problem with finding scientific evidence is because most scientists are hired by Pharma companies and the like to prove that their medicines will work. There is no Real ability for people who offer acupressure solutions to hire such a company in order to do the proper research.

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The program Offering:

The program is based on Chinese medical procedures related to acupressure. These methods have been around for centuries and are easy to perform, allow the patient to manage their own health and is less invasive than conventional medicine.

The Pure Natural Healing method is a documented process that guides you through each step of the best remedied acupressure methods to help you manage your own disease state.

Most scientists would agree that the body has some level of power to heal itself. It is important that you recognize that you can take control of your body and use acupressure to bring out the highest and best likelihood of self healing by using 5,000 year proven techniques.

Some have named this type of work as Meridian Therapy, a technique that is widely understood among eastern medicine, and who countless people agree provides effective treatment of any condition.
In discussion of Chinese medicine and this type of method of self healing with Pathologist, MD. I was surprised to learn that the system has merit.

For me I was skeptical at first, but found that there really is something to it.

What should you expect from Pure Natural Healing?


The program promotes:

  • Peace of mind
  • Self love
  • A guide to self discovery delivering real information on your illnesses
  • Education on understanding Meridian Therapy measures and which steps to follow
  • Reference for Technical tactile methods for releasing your body’s natural healing mechanisms


  • Like with many things, the program requires time and focus to see results.
  • You must be dedicated to the process.
  • Because each individual approaches this type of program with different levels of commitment, results can vary.


While the official pure natural healing site offers quite a few testimonials such as :

pure natural healing results

People report having relief from chronic cough, sleeping disorders and much more. I always take these testimonials with a grain of salt, but it appears that there are quite a few of them.

We highly recommend you go to their site and take a look.


In conclusion, we’d like to think that there is merit to the program. With the overwhelming testimonials and information available online, we feel strongly that…

It’s worth a try!

If not for the reason that sometimes what do we really have to lose in giving something a whirl. Is there absolute scientific evidence that it will work for you? Nope, but with the amount of others and not to mention a civilization that has reported significant results from Chinese medicine, you may find some type of benefit.

Lastly, the pricing seems relatively low for the promises the program makes. For that reason alone, it’s worth a try and the company offers a 60 day money back guarantee, which is handled by a third party (clickbank). That means that if someone chooses to request a refund, they have the power of Clickbank’s marketplace transaction management supporting them.

Overall, we give the program 4 out of 5 stars. While there is no conclusive evidence, there is promise in the program.

-Good luck!

pure natural healing reviews