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To understand how this extremely logical and simple program works (and I say it with conviction), one has to understand how the body works and how certain hormones such as estrogen, leptin and insulin play very important roles in our bodies as well as in weight loss (in my case weight gain).  John explains these theories that can be easily digested by an average person who has no degree in biology.

The bottom line is, women just have a natural tendency to be resistant to hormones that help shed excess fat, yikes!  But John and his team have created a solution in this program to prevent hormonal imbalance and prevent psychological and emotional imbalance during the 12 week transformation as well.  He also explains how you can eat the foods you love at a certain time so that you won’t feel like you’re restricted and tackles the BIG issue of Rebound Weight Gain. 

Sad to say, I have a gold medal in rebound weight gain!

Once you’ve shed excess fat, then they teach you how to “reshape” your body as close to an hour-glass shape as possible by using certain guidelines and ratios to tailor your new body.  It is possible… since most of our shape, according to John, comes from our muscles and of course where fat deposits in our body as well.

Some women are lucky to still have an hour-glass shape even when they gain weight, in my case I’m just a round shape when I have excess fat and it is definitely not sexy.

This program was designed to:

  • fit in a woman’s busy schedule.
  • He does not tell you to do a ridiculous amount of cardio to lose weigh either.
  • The Venus Factor will show you step-by-step how to get the body you want without restricting too much or doing too much of anything.

Balance is the keyword for this program, and it’s a healthy (non-crash diet) approach.


If you are like me…. You probably feel like you have to find something even if that means joining the Y.  I hope you find the program best suited to help you. 


My Venus Factor Summary


After all healthy is sexy.

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The Venus Factor Summary:

  • The Venus Factor was created to help busy women like you and I achieve the best body we could ever have without making us sacrifice our sanity, our livelihood, and our favorite comfort foods.
  • Their program is easy to follow, and I am seeing great results.

If you can identify with me, then I believe the Venus Factor could be right for you. Who knows…maybe your before and after pictures and testimonials will be what motivate and inspire other women to take better care of themselves and start using this program. Trust me, when you start feeling good about your body, you start feeling good on the inside as well. That’s what happened to me!

If you are looking for something cheaper, you can check this out. Here is another “less expensive” program I came across. Check it out below.

Oh and by the way, I have been trying this new fat burner. I like it so far. It doesn’t make me jittery and it keeps the hunger pains down. You can purchase it at your local Vitamin Shoppe. That’s where I buy it. Or, it might be available at GNC. I just have never looked there. I suppose you could get it online too. However, I wouldn’t know where to tell you to go to get it online. Putting my nurse’s hat on for a second…make sure you talk to your doctor before taking it (especially if you are on other medications.) It looks like this:

HD Fat Burner Cellucor Super HD

Good Luck on your efforts!!

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I hope this review helped you…Still have questions? Email me.

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I love this one because they usually make the person more tan in the after picture just to make them look more appealing. Nope, not on this one.


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