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Eat whatever I want and still lose weight?  Whaaaat?

That was one of the ideas that caught my attention when I came across The Venus FactorLike most women (I like to think I’m not the only one with weight issues), I’ve tried many different diets and workout programs and I’ve had gym memberships since I was 20 years old.

But the workouts and diets eventually became too boring, too restrictive, too difficult or just too much. I’d end up giving up on them before the first week was over.

Couple that with life pressures such as being a nurse or a terrible marriage ending in divorce, and you’d see I pretty much created a losing scenario for whichever program I chose. I had some pretty depressing patterns messing up my life.

Recently my boyfriend, who was really concerned about my dwindling self-esteem that was inversely proportional to my ever expanding waistline, told me about The Venus Factor and how it helped thousands of women successfully lose weight and keep it off.

I looked at the before and after pictures and found myself saying, “I wanna look like that!” and “If she can do that why can’t I?”  I researched some more of The Venus Factor, who created it, what it was about, how it works and how this would help me.    I became curious…  So what did I have to lose?  Just fat, I say, and the negative self image that seem to accompany weight gain.  It’s affordable and they offer a money back guarantee.  So… I purchased it and this is my review!  By the way, it is definitely NOT A SCAM!  I lost 15 lbs. fast.

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So what is the Venus Factor system?

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